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Commercial Core Aeration

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Schedule a core aeration service for your lawn as it promotes healthy turf growth, reduces soil compaction, and improves drainage, leading to a more attractive and sustainable lawn. A well-maintained lawn can enhance the overall appearance and value of a commercial property, create a more welcoming environment for customers and employees, and reduce the costs associated with lawn repairs and replacements.

Our Commercial Core Aeration Services

Commercial properties range in size and shape and serve different purposes. Almost all commercial properties have grass in front of or near them. Why not give give that grass a chance to breathe since it has most likely been heavily compacted by those heavy commercial lawn mowers year after year. Most businesses in our area require two core aerations per year. One service in the spring and another in the fall for best results.

Every employee has been professional and courteous, a welcome change from our previous national franchise service.

Thomas Dearborn, MI

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Core Aeration Plus is a locally owned and operated Michigan company that specializes in core aeration. Our mission is to provide the businesses in our community with the quality core aeration service and exceptional customer service that they deserve. At Core Aeration Plus, we are licensed and insured and have highly trained and experienced technicians that are efficient at providing a quality core aeration service. Revitalize your turf and boost your business with the help of Core Aeration Plus today!

Professional Commercial Core Aeration Service For

Businesses in Southeast Michigan

*Prices vary dependent upon property size. 


Aerating the grass around a restaurant can be a great way to enhance the outdoor dining experience for customers and promote a healthy, vibrant lawn. Restaurants that have outdoor seating areas with grassy spaces can benefit from core aeration as it improves soil conditions and helps the grass roots absorb more nutrients, water, and oxygen. This leads to stronger, more resilient grass that can better withstand foot traffic and environmental stresses. A well-maintained lawn can also enhance the overall appearance of a restaurant and provide a welcoming atmosphere for diners. Additionally, a healthy lawn can help to reduce erosion and prevent water runoff, which can be beneficial for the environment. Restaurant owners can create a beautiful and comfortable outdoor dining experience for their customers, while also promoting the health and sustainability of their lawn through core aeration.

Office Buildings

Golf Courses

Aerating the grass around an office building can provide many benefits for both the employees and the environment. Core aeration involves creating small holes in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil, which helps to promote healthy root growth and improve soil structure. A well-maintained lawn can also enhance the visual appeal of an office building and create a more welcoming environment for employees and visitors. By investing in core aeration services, office building owners can promote a healthy and sustainable lawn that not only benefits the environment but also enhances the overall appeal and value of their property.

Aerating the grass on a golf course is an essential practice for maintaining a healthy and attractive playing surface for golfers. Core aeration is particularly important in high traffic areas where golfers walk and ride carts regularly, as it can help to reduce soil compaction and improve drainage, which is essential for the health of the turf. A well-aerated golf course can also improve the playability of the course, as it provides a more consistent surface for golfers to play on. Regular aeration can also help to prevent thatch buildup, which can negatively impact the health of the turf. Core aeration is an essential practice for golf course maintenance, as it helps to ensure that the playing surface remains healthy, attractive, and enjoyable for golfers of all levels.

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